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September 19th - 23rd

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Rob Mattison

President, GRAPA


Dear Students,

As an Alumnus of the Kuala Lumpur class, you have been provided with a login and password which gives you access to the GRAPA - Kuala Lumpur - On Demand certification program. This login allows you to review the materials from the class for one year after attendance.

Included is 40 Hours of recorded video covering all the topics we covered in class. The material is organized exactly the same way as the live class. Each half day of class is provided as a "unit".  

          In addition to the lectures, you are provided with: 

1. "Knowledge Checks" - Short interactive reviews of the key topics from each lecture. 

2. "EVideos" - Short YouTube, Vimeo and other informative clips that help provide context and better all-around exposure to the subject matter.

          The units are organized as a drop down menu, and students should take the modules in order. A "checkmark" is used to allow students to keep track of what they have already watched.

A handy "Discussion Point" tool makes it possible for students to leave questions for the teacher, or to make notes for themselves while watching or participating with each module. Just click on the Discussion Point tab on the left side of your screen, make the note and hit "submit". The staff will review your questions and get answers to you. Your questions will be marked with a "star" on the menu. 


Good Luck, 
Paper Corner
Rob Mattison
Presdient of GRAPA