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Welcome to the Portal Page for the Revenue Assurance Foundations class. 

This portal provides students with access to all class materials, handouts, tests, the on-demand recorded sessions, access to the live online class and an image gallery of pictures from your class. 

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Students who complete this program and have work verification completed will receive recognition as certified revenue assurance practitioners. 
Learn how current best practices are leading organizations to broaden the scope of RA to encompass the entire profit picture. We train students in a systematic and comprehensive method for analysis, diagnosis, and containment of risks to revenues, profit, assets, regulatory compliance, and operational integrity through a standardized approach. Learn how to combat the many kinds of fraud in telecoms organizations as defined by the proposed GRAPA fraud standards, as well as how other telecoms are able to defend themselves against the many different avenues of attack. See how you can improve, organize and professionalize your practice.