Live! - Online - Telecom Fraud Certification

Inside the Online Fraud Classroom
GRAPA has been delivering online training to telecoms professionals for several years. In that time, we have learned a lot about how to make the training as interesting, effective, and engaging as possible.

Fraud Certification - It's Interactive... It's Personal
GRAPA training events are conducted by live teachers and teacher assistants who are there to answer questions and make sure that you understand the material as you move ahead. Students are required to have a webcam and voice connection because student questions and answers in a more personal, face-to-face environment are the key to comprehending GRAPA courses.

  • Gain an exhaustive overview of all of the different areas within the telecom where Fraud Management teams are typically involved
  • A comprehensive introduction to the full range of fraud vulnerabilities in network, I/T, sales, operations, accounting, channels and the customer domains.
  • An introduction to the Scientific, Systematic and Proven approach to the organization and addressing of fraud risks as defined by the GRAPA standards and Fraud Experts from around the world
  • Learn how frauds are organized and carried out , and the proper methods for detection and deterrence of the frauds.
  • How to build and deploy an effective and efficient fraud management team.

  • Optimize your use of the FMS and add new categories of alarms for more comprehensive fraud protection
  • Make the fraud protection and detection job more manageable
  • Have more confidence that I am using the right techniques to defend my telco from major frauds
  • Understand the biggest telecoms fraud risks, and build a strategy for end-to-end detection and deterrence

This course is especially prepared for:

  • New Hires - New members of the telecoms fraud management, audit or security team.
  • Experienced Fraud, Audit or Security professionals interested in getting a more well rounded and comprehensive perspective on the many fraud risks their organization faces, and doing something about it.