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Welcome to the GRAPA - On Boarding Program

Starting out a career in telecommunications can be one of the most challenging  experiences that a person can have. 
The telecoms industry has been responsible for bringing revolutionary changes to the work, play, politics and social environments of people in every corner of the world for decades. 
 But there is a secret that only people in the telecoms industry know. The secret ingredient that makes all happen. The reality is that it is the people that staff the telecom, NOT THE TECHNOLOGY that really makes telecoms the miracle that it is. 

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When new technologies are invented they represent nothing more than the POTENTIAL for change in people's work and home lives. It is the individuals who staff those companies, in every country and every market around that world, who have to figure out how to customize and shape that technology into service offerings that make sense, add value and are affordable for the people in their markets.

As the new employee of a telecom, you are on the brink of entering the leagues of telecoms professionals who have been responsible for bringing each new generation of technology to  your country. It is a not always easy, but it can be quite rewarding. It is not always fun, but it will always be challenging.

This program has been created to help the new entrant to telecoms, or maybe just a new member of a the finance, revenue assurance or fraud management team. It has been created to help provide an introduction and an overview to this dynamic and at times confusing environment that is telecoms. Think of this program as a quick start, or an up ramp to the challenges ahead.

  • The 11 Primary Lines of Business in Telecoms and how they work:

    • Wireline Voice 
    • Mobile Voice 
    • Wireline Consumer Data 
    • Mobile Data (3G) 
    • WiFI (Hotspot/Homespot) 
    • Next Generation Networks (NGN/4G/IMS/M2M/OTT) 
    • Voice Roaming 
    • Interconnect Voice 
    • Corporate & Government 
    • Wholesale (Voice, Data, Broadcast) 
    • Broadcast (Video/Audio) 
                    • The primary differences in Network Provisioning, Billing Provisioning, Partner Management and commercial controls for each

                    • In depth investigation of the fundamentals of :

                      • Voice Network Operations and Billing

                      • Data Network Operations and Billing

                    • Principles of AAA, Operational Integrity and an orientation and understanding of the core principles that make them work, and the core concepts and systems that must be understood in order to navigate within the telecoms infrastructure.

                    • ONB000 - An introduction to Telecoms 
                    • IVNF00 - Introduction to Voice Networks  Fundamentals
                    • IDNF00 - Introduction to Data Networking Fundamentals 
                    • IPPB00 - Introduction to Postpaid Billing Systems & Operations  
                    • IPRB00 - Introduction to Prepaid Billing Systems & Operations for Voice 
                    • IPPRA0  - Introduction to the scientific and professional practice of revenue assurance


                    • Students will be provided with an overview of the fundamental way that telecoms works, and an overview of the 11 most popular of the telecoms business models.  While everyone knows how to use telephones, surf websites or watch television programs, very few understand exactly how those services are created and delivered to the consumer. 
                    • The key concepts, organizational guidelines and driving principles that make it possible for a company to install and deploy network technologies in all sorts of situations and environments will be considered.  
                    • Most importantly, the student will be familiarized with the unique vocabulary and fundamental systems and operations that make the telecom work. 
                    • The objective is to provide the newcomer to telecoms , revenue assurance , finance and fraud management with a mastery of the words and ideas that experienced co-workers will be using on a regular basis, and help those new comers to get up to speed, productive and on the road to mastery much sooner. 
                    • The On-Demand Difference 
                    • One of the most critical objectives of this program is to provide managers and H/R departments with a program that allows them to indoctrinate and jumpstart the new employees exposure to this complex environment without the need to take time away from experienced managers and employees who are probably already overworked and pressed for time. 
                    • The goal being to make these new employees ready to put the work sooner, with less “indoctrination time” up front.  With this program the new employee can simply log in and take the class whenever they have time, or whenever their manager needs them to wait until more work becomes available.