About GRAPA On Demand Programs

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If time management is your biggest challenge, training can be especially challenging. Some people find that they go through periods of too much odd free time on their hands; others find their schedules are chaotic with sporadic open hours but no regular pattern. In these cases, training must be available whenever time does not have an advance notification.

That is exactly how the GRAPA OnDemand program works. Students are given access to the GRAPA Online Learning Management System. This system organizes the curriculum into the same units, lectures and tests as the live events but with convenient availability on the internet. The handy “speed up” and “slow down” functions also let you set your own pace for watching the lectures. The regularly scheduled teacher conferences offer the chance to speak with the teacher and get the answers to any questions.

LAUNCHED IN 2015–Over 100 students have certified through OnDemand Training
Benefits of OnDemand Training

•Training available whenever YOU HAVE THE TIME 
•You can watch lectures as many times as you want. 
•Additional quizzes, knowledge checks and games to reinforce the knowledge learned.
•Live online teacher interactions for any problem areas faced 
Best Fit OnDemand Events work best for professionals who: 
- Have interest in limited subject areas 
- Want a best practices refresher course 
- Cannot commit to a training schedule 
- Have less than optimal internet speed 
- Have self discipline and can meet their own time management and learning objectives 
- Stuggle with the English language and would like to listen to lectures at a slower pace 
- Need more time to cover the material

Customization Options 

GRAPA Regional Events bring professionals from many different countries and lines of business together in order to share common approaches and experiences. For this reason, the curriculum will be built choosing ten of fourteen available Body of Knowledge units. The emphasis in the classroom will be based upon both a series of student interest surveys conducted before the training begins and the direction provided by the class during the daily sessions. 
Certification Requirements 
Students must participate in the forty hours of training (10 four hour units). They are required to make a commitment to complete a certain amount a training each month. They must pass the final exam and provide proof of the experience and effectiveness in the practice of revenue assurance. COST: Price varies depending on the program requested